We are Drobyshevsky's family - I'm Alyona, my husband Michael, our daughter Yaroslava ("Yaroslava" - is the old Russian name) and two our Dalmatians - "Duncan" (Rus, Bel, Ukr, Ltu Champ. Mongolfier Dunkan) and "Connor" (Int&Club&Rus&Ukr&Grand Champ. Gwynmor Ocean of Love).

When we buy in 1997 Dal puppy in Russian club "A-Dalmatian", we felt in love to this breed and became the real devotee of it. I also became the secretary of "A-Dalmatian" club and the web-mistress of its web-site (contents club news, dog photos, our information and etc.)

Some times later we decided to make "Russian site about Dalmatian" - web-site on Russian, devotes to our loved breed, contents information about breed, health, training and care, puppy selection and etc. There is a lot such information in English, but almost nothing in Russian.
If you have some interesting information about these beautiful spotty dogs and you don't grudge it, please, send it to us - we will translate it in Russian and will publish in our site (also possible to publish in English).
If you have a Dal and wish to join to "Our friends Club", send photo of your Dal and we will place your photo and some information on you small personal page!

P.S. In the end of year 2001 our family rises - our daughter Yaroslava was born! So please don't to take umbrage at delay of our replies!

We all together

Me and Duncan

Connor and Michael


Mongolfier Dunkan

Our first Dalmatian became in 1997 Mongolfier Dunkan ("Duncan"). We chose "right breed" for us for a long time, but at last we stopped at Dalmatian. Duncan didn't disappoint us over this breed! He is exactly that friend - a very cheerful, kind, charming, clever, and a little roguish friend, which we dream about. He is very friendly, but never importunate. He adore children, play with us when we feel like playing :-), sleep in his place when we don't have any time for him :-(, and ready to run anywhere day and night as soon as it possible.

Duncan is very successful Show-Dalmatian! He is Champion of Russia, Beylorussia, Ukraine, Lithuania and he also have 1 x CACIB and 4 x R.CACIB!

He sired 4 litters and have 27 puppies with black and brown spots.

Go to Duncan's page - his titles, pedigree and photos.
Duncan's photo-page - funny Duncan's photos.

Some times later we decided to bring second Dalmatian, which become companion for Duncan. But we also dreamed about very quality Dalmatian for breeding and showing from one of the well-known European kennel.
Unfortunately owners of such kennels are not readily to sell their puppies in Russia. And we want not just "puppy from Europe", but "excellent puppy, from outstanding parents, the best in the litter".
So then in the begin of the year 2000 our Club President Irina Petrakova went to the Netherlands kennel "Gwynmor" to take away her puppy-bitch Gwynmor Never Say Never, we asked her to talk about puppy-male for us. She came back and conveyed the excellent news - owners of kennel Annemiek and Rhys Morgans agreed to sell us the best puppy-male from their next litter, which is waiting in the begin of the year 2001.

At last, in the March 2001, we knew that puppies were born! Parents of the litter became two living in the kennel outstanding Norwegian Dalmatians.
The mother of puppies is Perdita`s Keep Track (Lovinda), outstanding tribal bitch. Her living in kennel daughters InterChampion, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden Champion, Young Europe and World Champion Gwynmor Lots of Love and Netherlands Champion Gwynmor Lili Mai, successfully show in different countries.
The father of puppies is InterChampion, English, Dutch, Belg, Lux, Norw, Danish, Finnish, Nordic Champion, World Champion'02, NL CW'00+02,B CW'00, DK CW'01, NLW'00 +'01, BW'00 +'01, BSG'01 Spotnik`s Special Selection (Selwyn). He breaks a lot of records: the first Dalmatian ever to become BEST IN SHOW at the 'Dog of the Year' Show in the Netherlands, broke the record by gaining 9 consecutive groupwins at International All Breed Shows in 2000 in the Netherlands and 3 x BEST IN SHOW in the same year, winning 4 x BEST IN SHOW and 6 x Res. BEST IN SHOW at Int. All Breed Shows, winning 6 x BEST IN SHOW at Ch.Speciality Shows in 5 different countries, the first 'non UK resident' Dalmatian ever to win a CC at CRUFTS, the first 'non UK resident' Dalmatian ever to gain the title of BRITISH CHAMPION , 29 x CACIB, CC and BOB Crufts 2002, CC and BOB BDC''2002 (British Dalmatian Club Show!)and res.CC BDC "2001.
Lovinda and Selwyn are auditory (BAER +/+) and hipdysplasia tested.
We decided that such puppy is really comes from our dreams and took the best male from this litter.
At the end of April 2001 Annemiek and Rhys sent to us photos of "our" puppy - the best white-brown male Gwynmor Ocean of Love ("Connor"). His photos at ages 2 & 3 months and 2,5 years (up to down) you can see at this page. And at the middle of July, after complete vaccination, Connor came to Moscow!!! We found that he is really "very especial" Dalmatian, very beautiful, with perfect construction, movements and character. His exhibitions have already shown us that we made the right choice! And also Connor's puppies were born. And their results are also very impressive!
I think Connor is practically ideal dog for me - calm at home and live in the street, very managable, intelligent, nice with our small daughter.

INT & CLUB & RUS & UKR CH Gwynmor Ocean of Love ("Connor")

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Look at Connor's photos (photo page!).

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