Puppies out of Gwynmor Ocean of Love

Puppies were born 31.08.2002, Sankt-Peterburg (Russia).
8 puppies - 6 males (4 black, 2 brown), 2 females (1 black, 1 brown)

Sire: Inter, Club, Russian, Ukraine, RKF CH, 8 x CACIB Gwynmor Ocean of Love ("Connor")
Dam: Yunona (sire: Russian Champion Spot Snap's Evergreen - dam: Tsveta)

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Some photos of adult puppies from this litter you can find on Dalmacia kennel site

6 x CAC, 3 x BOB, 3 x BIG, Res.BIS, BIS-4

Jusland Fantastic Dream
Justwein Couper Coin
(see also personal page on the Dalmacia' kennel site)
Jetem Tali Alpha Romeo
Janessi Business Ledi
Jenni Rous Angel Ice
Jelsomino Real Macho
Jermen Sen Etien
Joel Safari Hunter
e-mail: dalmatian@dalmatian.ru

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